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Fangyuan supplies custom-made ladies’ jackets of premium and excellent quality. Being in the women apparel industry for more than 20 years, Fangyuan guarantees quality, free sample, fast shipping and competitive prize.


All you need to do is send a design or just choose from our catalogue, or see our OEM Service.

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Popular Ladies Jacket Solutions

Fangyuan’s jackets are developed using the best manufacturing processes run by qualified and skilled workers. We feature different ladies jacket designs that you should consider checking out.  


You can also customize your own products. By providing a design paper or a sample, you can custom make jackets color, fabric, cutting, button, zipper, stuffing & fill, etc.,

Ladies Bubble Jacket

Bubble jackets are one of the most fashionable winter coats women need to grab for their winter wardrobe. These jackets make you look the best version of yourself and must always find a spot in your winter wear. Make sure to grab the jackets that fit your body well and the color that you feel confident in.

Ladies Bomber Jacket

A bomber jacket is yet another popular option. Custom ones are the best bomber jackets women need to have. Bomber jackets keep the body warm and protected from the extremely cold weather outside or inside. This type of jacket holds up excellent insulation and its design helps in generating body heat.

Ladies Parka

Ladies parka is a popular winter wear choice for women because of the diversity in shape, sizes, color they offer. This is a must-have in your wardrobe for the winter season as they also are women’s waterproof jackets. Make sure you match it up with a pair of jeans or a woolen dress which will give an edge to your dressing style over others.

Ladies Bubble Jacket

Ladies Bomber Jacket

Ladies Parka

Ladies Hooded Jacket

Hooded jackets are the most loved type among women. They are winter wear that never goes out of fashion. These are basic sweatshirts with a hood. Hoodies frequently encompass a muff sewn on the lower front, and a drawstring to modify the hood opening.

Ladies Hooded Jacket

Custom Down Jacket & Manufacture in Fangyuan

Fangyuan will come through on all your wholesale women’s jacket offers and ensure that you get the best quality and service. 

Fangyuan is a womens jackets manufacturer that supplies a wide spectrum of custom jackets, that include custom quilted jackets, lightweight jackets, seam taped jackets, softshell jackets, and parkas. Their custom designs empower global fashion brands and their expertise in satisfying their customers is exceptional.

Fangyuan has ascertained its supply chain cooperation with more than 20 reliable material suppliers. They ensure that their customers’ needs for great quality fabrics are met for every order. Their experienced workers ensure supplying custom jackets that satiate their customers’ desire for quality.

At Fangyuan, cutting and sewing are done by workers with more than 20 years of experience. They make sure the sizes and portions are perfect and the final product matches your expectations. The custom jackets they manufacture are made with the most intricate precision and detailing.

Professionals at Fangyuan can complete sampling of a regular jacket design in 2 days and finalize a complicated and complicated design in 7 to 10 days, which is exceptionally good working speed. The best part is that Fangyuan also provides its customers with free samples for their perusal.

The next factor that gives Fangyuan an edge over its other competitors is the fast delivery speed that it manages with every single order. The firm is prepared with the best quality and brand machinery along with a productivity line that shortens the delivery speed by quite a good quantity.

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