Reliable OEM Jackets Manufacturer- Fangyuan

Fangyuan is a widely respected OEM clothing manufacturer, and we have a wide variety of jacket designs that our clients could choose from. As an OEM garment manufacturer, we take pride in our ability to customize the designs of our clients to the last detail.

 Each of our garments goes through a very thorough series of tests that checks our fabrics for potential leaks or tears. Our materials are all hand-picked and crafted for optimum warmth and UV resistance. They are also perfect for various seasons and regions and could handle a great deal of wear and tear through the years. If you are interested in getting top-quality OEM jackets, just send us your specific design, and we could make it for you.

One of our key attributes as a OEM garment manufacturer, is our ability to customize any design sent to us, and our OEM coat factory could create a sample, and mass produce the design if needed.

While our OEM coat factory is capable of taking orders of any size, we are also capable of taking in an MOQ order as low as 300 pieces. It is this versatility that sets us apart from the competition.

Jackets For Various Occasions

Endless Possibilities In OEM

  • Material icon

    You are given free choices not only on any fabrics, accessories and colors, but also on suppliers of material.

  • Functions icon

    The functions like water resistance, UV resistance, warmth keeping to suit for seasons, regions & applications.

  • Craftsmanship icon

    Any pattern, details and construction you wanted will be met through workmanship, printing, embroidery, etc.

  • Packaging icon

    Your unique packaging to match with your brand image in forms of bags, boxes, cartons can be OEM as you wish.

  • Water Pressure & Fasteness Test Of Fabrics

    For the fabrics and accessories of the seam taped clothes, we will carry the water pressure and fasteness test at the time of receipt to ensure that the waterproofness meets the requirements and can adapt to the needs of outdoor activities.

    A seamed fabric sample will be tested under a water pressure of no less than 4000 for times, and than it will be laundered in a washing machine for 90 mintues repeatedly for 5-10 times.

    Only qualifed fabrics will be used in mass production.

  • A worker is operating ultrasonic welding machine

    Seamless Welding

    Equipped with ultrasonic welding machine, we can press the rubber strip at the seam of the garment to achieve seamless connection.

    In this way, we can totally prevent leakage due to pinholes or stitches and avoid safety problems caused by needle left in fabrics, which is especially suitable for the clothes which ask for water tightness and air tightness, such as outdoor protective windbreaker, ski wear, etc..

  • The State Of The Art Quilting Technology

    Under the control of computer system, our automatic quilting machine can perfectly handle all kinds of complicated patterns, and deliver neatly stitched fabric, which will improve productivity and be more eco-friendly.

    Moreover, with the quilted fabrics of stylish pattern, you can turn various creative designs into reality. By doing so, the fashionable jacket but functional winter jacket with your brand name will be widely welcome in your local market.

  • Our automatic filling machine

    Superior Quality
    Delivered By
    Automatic Filling Machine

    At Fangyuan, we make the best use of machinery to improve our productivity and quality.

    Compared with the handmade craft, using an automatic filling machine allow us to fill the down material into fabrics more evenly and deliver a better pattern of each piece of down jacket, which will be easy to maintain in good shape even after repeatedly wearing and washing.

  • Stylish flat embroidery craftsmanship
  • Our superior embroidery patch craftsmanship
  • the state of art 3D embroidery craftsmanship

Embroidery Serves Various Applications

  • Flat Embroidery

    At affordable prices, your design will be achieved timely with precision.

  • Embroidery Patch

    It is flexible to stitch an embroidery patch to any position of the jackets, which is perfect for mixing different fashion elements.

  • 3D Embroidery

    It can deliver stylish and complicated patterns in an eye-catching manner, which is suit for fashion design.

  • Stylish flat embroidery craftsmanship
  • Our superior embroidery patch craftsmanship
  • the state of art 3D embroidery craftsmanship

Details That Impress Your Customer

Our perfect workmanship will empower your design, outshining your competitors.

  • Details of our sewing craftsmanship

    The thread is sewing orderly and evenly in consistent lines.

  • Details of our zipper performance

    The zipper stitches neatly and goes smoothly.

  • Details of our buttons

    The button is sewn firmly at the right place.

  • Details of our ropes

    The cap rope and waist rope will be carefully fastened.