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Raw Material Tests

  • An engineer is matching color
    Color Matching

    At arrival of fabrics, we will pick out one piece of cutting sample to compare it with the original fabric sample in the light box which has been set as the same as our clients required.

    By carrying out color comparison inspection at the very begining of manufacturing, we can avoid color mismatch at Fangyuan.

    In this way, we establish a good reputation and are trusted by numerous clients.

  • A man is inspecting the fabrics
    Fabrics Inspection

    At the stage of materials preparation, we will inspect and test of fabrics, ingredients and accessories critically.

    Employing cloth inspection machines allows us to inspect the fabrics quickly and efficiently. With a light source to highlight the surface of fabrics, it can help us weed out all defects affecting the quality, such as leaking needle, holes, oil stains, etc.

Performance Tests

We will conduct various tests on fabrics before mass production to ensure all clothes produced by us will cause no after-sale trouble and firmly uphold your brand image.

  • Our water pressure test equipment
    Water Pressure Test
  • A woman is conducting washing test
    Washing Test
  • Our color migration test machine
    Color Migration Test
  • A man is testing the strength of fabrics
    Fabric Strength Test
  • A man is conducting color fastness test
    Color Fastness Test
  • Our weight test
    Weight Test

Manufacturing Quality Management

  • A worker is measuring the sizes of final products
    Initial Inspection

    Within the first 3 days of mass production, we must finish the first 10 pieces of final products, which will be inspected in details. If there is any problem, we will immediately adjust the whole production and solve all potential problems at the source.

    In this step, we will check every detail carefully according to the original design and the sample, from size, color, sewing, zipper to button and more. By doing so, we can avoid possible mistakes and make adjsutment timely.

  • A worker is checking the craftsmanship
    Random Check

    Throughout the whole manufacturing process, we have arranged a quality inspector at every stage, who will check the samples picked out from the production line at random per hour. If there is any defective product, they will be modified or weeded out, the worker who made it will be trained again until she is qualified.

Final Products Inspection

  • A worker is operating needle detector

    We know that any defects, even the tiniest one, will damage your brand image in local markets, and we will work tirelessly to prevent this from happening.

    We will arrange10 experienced QA to conduct 100% inspection by checking all clothes piece by piece to ensure no detail will be missed and minimize the possibility of mistakes extremely.

  • A woman is conducting repeated inspection

    For the safety of user, we employ a needle detector to detect broken spurs, pins or other ferromagnetic substances left in the finished product.

  • What is more important, our factory or a third party which can be assigned by clients will conduct repeated inspection according to the AQL 1.0 standard.

    In this way, Fangyuan can eliminate any possible defects completely, which helps us keep a record of zero after-sales complaint in the past 12 years.