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Fangyuan supplies custom-made mens’ jackets of premium and excellent quality. Being in the  fashion apparel industry for more than 20 years, Fangyuan guarantees quality, free sample, fast shipping and competitive prize. You can also find quality women’s jackets here. Enjoy our full-range service.


All you need to do is send a design or just choose from our catalogue, or see our OEM Service.

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Popular Custom Men's Jacket Solutions

Our quality jackets are developed using the best manufacturing processes run by qualified and skilled workers. We feature different men’s jacket designs that you should consider checking out.  


You can also customize your own products. By providing a design paper or a sample, you can custom make jackets color, fabric, cutting, button, zipper, stuffing & fill, etc.,

Men’s Puffer Jacket

The down jacket or men’s puffer jacket, is the most essential pick for every wardrobe. Men must keep these in their wardrobe essentials because these look pretty good and give them all the necessary warmth. There are air pockets in these jackets which help in keeping the body warm.

Men’s Bomber Jacket

A bomber jacket is yet another necessary jacket that must find a spot in your wardrobe essential for the winter season. These jackets are exceptionally good for keeping your body warm. What comes as an additional benefit is a customization that they can get which gives you a perfect fit.

Men’s Parka Jacket

Men’s parka jackets are the most fashionable pick you can grab to enhance your look. These are available in various styles, sizes, and colors. You can grab a long parka or a short one as you appeal. Customize them for color, shapes, or sizes to suit your needs.

Men's Puffer Jacket

Men's Bomber Jacket

Men's Parka

Custom Men's Jacket & Manufacture in Fangyuan

Fangyuan will come through on all your wholesale men’s jacket offers and ensure that you get the best quality and service. 

Fangyuan has been a popular mens jacket manufacturer in China for more than 10 years. They manufacture high-quality customized jackets and are decently professional in providing their customers with the best quality custom jackets. They are well recognized for fulfilling their buyers’ needs and satisfying their desires fully.

With off-the-shelf stuff, quality isn’t their priority. Custom tailors value precision, so does Fangyuan. They adhere to the right number of stitches per inch and keep the fabric durable. The firm is popular for serving its buyers with various fabrics of promising quality and reasonable prices for men’s coats and jackets.

The nicely made and high-quality fabrics that the customer intends to wear are then cut into customer-specified sizes. This is done with the help of automated machines which help in maintaining productivity and accuracy. Cutting and sewing in Fanguyan are done by a team of excellent and experienced female workers in the firm.

Fangyuan arrives with another optimistic and great aspect for consumers and that is free sampling. The company provides free fabric samples to probable buyers. Their prosperous and long-term manufacturing experience guarantees that all their customers benefit from their competent designs and finished products.

Fanguyan also provides its customers with fast and secure shipping of the finished products and the sample fabrics. The company is highly punctual. You can be sure of receiving your finished products in time and will be impressed by the quality of the fabric used and the perfect fit.

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