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Located in Ningbo, China, Fangyuan is a reliable custom puffer jacket manufacturer that you can rely on.  We offer quality services that are appreciated by clients around the world. This has allowed us to perfect our manufacturing processes to ensure that we always meet your specific desires.


Being one of the best OEM service providers in the fashion industry, we aim to give you the best quality products. Our custom quilted jackets service provides you with many options. Send us your design or sample and our dedicated staffs will work to ensure that your specific requirements are taken into consideration. We work with skilled workers that are highly trained in this field which allows us to cater to wholesale quilted jacket orders and more. 

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Popular Quilted Jacket Made by Fangyuan

Our custom bubble jackets are developed under professional manufacturing processes run by skilled workers. Check out some popular products produced by Fangyuan, or custom make the bubble coats you want!

Quilted Blazers


Our collection of quilted blazers is designed to offer the best comfort and quality to all our customers. The blazer features the use of water-resistant fibers that shield you from the rain allowing the water to just roll off. The quilted blazer is a great jacket option that is widely embraced by a lot of customers. 

Quilted Blazers

Puffer Crop Jackets


We are in tune with the fashion trends and recognize that crop jackets are increasingly gaining popularity. We designed our puffer crop jackets to help meet the growing demand in the market. The puffer crop jacket features the use of quality material that keeps moisture and water out leaving you insulated. Additionally, the puffy details between the stitching add a great look and add to your fashion sense. 

Puffer Crop Jackets

Boxy Quilted Jackets



Our boxy quilted jackets are designed with box-like shapes that add to the overall look. The material used on these jackets is waterproof and comes in handy during the winter season. The inner material used is 100% polyamide care and gives you great insulation while also being breathable. 

Boxy Quilted Jackets

Hooded Puffers


For those extremely cold seasons when you need a quality hooded jacket, we’ve got you covered. Our hooded puffer jackets feature quilted polyester with a body filled with 180gsm wadding for added warmth. The jacket also comes with a warm hoodie that comes with adjustable drawcords. This is a great jacket option to consider especially in preparation for those cold days. 

Hooded Puffers

Custom Quilted Jacket
in Fangyuan

Ski Hoodies in Fangyuan

Custom Wholesale Puffer Jackets in Fangyuan

Fangyuan will come through on all your wholesale puffer jacket offers and ensure that you get the best quality and service. If you’re still skeptical about why you should trust us, here is a curation of our promise to you.

Our company will ensure that in all the custom jackets we make we work with the best fabric in the market. This will ensure the durability of your quilted jackets and give your customers the best service. We have a reliable supply chain of trusted fabric manufacturers ensuring that we always deliver. 

We work with professionals who have amassed years of experience in the manufacturing field. This allows us to easily discern the best quality cotton materials to ensure that we offer you the best options in the market. With the right choice of cotton, your jackets offer the best comfort and warmth to your customers. 

With the professionals we work with, you can be sure that the cutting and sewing in the manufacturing process is top-notch. We pay attention to this to ensure that all the jackets are produced and seamless and consistent. You can trust that your custom bubble coat will come with no issues of sewing.

With a new idea conceptualized by you the customer, we offer free sampling to give you a better presentation of your product. This helps you ensure that you are investing in a jacket you’ll love and that will also be embraced by your customers. We’ll work with you to make the tweaks where necessary to ensure that you realize your desire.

We feature a logistics system that allows us to cater to clients from around the world. We offer fast shipping services on all our orders to ensure that you get your products on time. We work for at least 7 days to deliver a quality sample and about 2 to 4 weeks for the final production and shipping.

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