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Founded in 2007, Fangyuan has grown to serve different customers in the fashion industry from all over the world. Our experience in the production of custom


waterproof jackets has allowed us to gain a great name in the market. We are one of the most reliable seam tape waterproof jacket manufacturers in China and around the world.


We pride ourselves on working with the best in the business. Our professional staff has amassed years of experience in the production of quality jackets for all our clients. Most clients come with specifications they would like to be met which is why we offer custom-made services.


We are ready to consider your specifications and advise you on what works and what won’t. Having the perfect jackets for your specific requirements translates to great customer satisfaction which is exactly what we are aiming for. You can rest assured that with our company, your business productions will always be on time and of the right quality.

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Popular Seam-taped Jacket Design

Seam taped jackets come in different designs that are highly embraced in the fashion industry. These designs differ from each other in various ways but are all quite amazing options to invest in. Some of the designs we feature include:



The custom anorak seam-taped jacket is one that was originally greatly used in the polar regions mainly to keep out the cold. This jacket design features the use of waterproof material, with a hood, and a pullover design without a front opening. Additionally, it also comes with a drawstring and arms that can be fastened to keep the wind from penetrating.

Waterproof and windproof jacket

Waterproof and windproof jackets come in handy to avoid any effects from the rain or wind. They are perfect for the cold and rainy seasons to ensure that you keep warm at all times. We feature the use of the best waterproof material with great insulation to ensure that this jacket design serves you well.


Hooded Seam-sealed rainproof jacket

With a hood on your seam-sealed rainproof jacket, you are sure that you are safe and warm at all times. This allows you to walk in the rain without any fears of soaking in rainwater. You’ll easily protect yourself using this particular jacket design. We’ll produce the perfect jacket that will be appreciated by you and your customers given the high quality and durability.

Tactical water repellent jacket

The tactical water repellent jackets are another great jacket option when looking for windproof and waterproof options in the market. They are designed to feature the use of waterproof material while also being quite lightweight. The inner material is designed to be breathable making the tactical water repellent jacket a great investment. 


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Why Choose Fangyuan

Fangyuan is the best company to work with when it comes to the production of quality jackets. We dedicate ourselves to making the process easier for you by delivering quality each time. Here are some of the perks we feature for all our clients.

We work with amazing fabric suppliers who offer high-quality fabric options for all our designs. You can be sure that we’ll invest in the best materials to give you high quality and durability on all our productions.

We have an eye for detail which demands that we work with the best cotton materials in the market. This helps us ensure that all our jackets are soft and fluffy. Offering a great combination of functionality and comfort.

Our dedicated staff members with years of experience in this field ensure that they work on the cutting and sewing with great attention. This is done in an orderly manner to achieve great consistency in all the jackets produced. This gives uniformity and offers amazing quality. 

When customers come to us with the designs they want for their jackets, we offer a free sample to help them see what they’ll be investing in. This helps us work on any tweaks before the mass production begins. This is an important step to avoid working on a product that won’t fulfill our client’s expectations.

We offer fast shipping to cater to your needs depending on where you are in the world. You can trust that our products will get to you on time and in perfect condition. Our logistics systems are designed to offer the best services to all our customers every time.

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