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When it comes to quality wholesale softshell jackets, Fangyuan is the best company to work with. Our company was founded in 2007 and has continued to be the lead in the manufacture of custom softshell jackets around the world.


We pride ourselves on being one of the most reliable company options in the market today. Our vast experience in this industry allows us to offer quality input on some of the ideas you have for your business.


Most clients come to us with specifications of what they want to be included in the jacket orders. We come in and can advise you and give you alternative options if the need arises.

We feature OEM services that come in handy for businesses looking to make a few adjustments to what’s already in our product catalog. You can trust that we will do our best to ensure that we offer quality products that your clients will highly appreciate.

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Popular Softshell Jacket

We offer softshell jackets wholesale that comes in different types that you should consider investing in. The most popular collections of softshell jackets in the market are designed to offer you great quality in all their functions. These designs include:

embroidered jacket

Embroidered Soft Shell Jackets

Embroidered softshell jackets are a great choice for companies looking to give such products to their staff or selling them to customers. We offer quality embroidery on our softshell jackets done to great perfection depending on your specific requirements. Some clients desire to have their company logos embroidered while others would prefer having a general term to describe their products or services. Whatever you want to accomplish, our embroidered softshell jackets will most definitely serve you well. 

Waterproof Soft Shell Jacket

Our waterproof softshell jacket is a great investment, especially for the rainy season. The jacket is made of a 4-way stretch fabric that comes with a durable water repellent finish. This is what makes the jacket waterproof seeing as once water comes into contact with it, it just rolls off. You won’t have to worry about being soaked in water when it rains. Our waterproof softshell jacket is designed for perfect comfort with a lightly brushed soft lining.

Softshell Jacket - XT TERRNO

Hooded Soft Shell Jacket

Having a quality hood that comes with your softshell jacket is a great advantage. It will help you protect yourself from the cold quite accurately. We designed our hooded softshell jacket to feature two layers. One is designed to keep out the wind while the other is water-resistant to avoid soaking when it rains. The hood on this jacket is adjustable making it a fantastic choice to consider.

Windbreaker Jacket

Windbreaker jackets are designed to be lightweight and feature the use of synthetic material. These jackets come in handy to resist wind chills and also shield you from light rain. Consider getting your custom windbreakers made for you seeing as they have great potential in the market as well. We are your trusted windbreaker suppliers and we’ll always deliver on our quality promises. 


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Bulk Buy WindBreaker Jackets in Fangyuan

When looking for windbreakers in bulk and other jacket options, Fangyuan is your one-stop-shop for sure. We boast great quality products and services that set us apart from our competitors. Here are some of the things you can expect from us. 

With the network we have acquired of high-quality fabric suppliers, you can be sure that we will work with the best fabric for your jacket choices. Our supply chain is well managed to ensure that we only invest in materials that are of the best standards. This allows us to continue offering the best to our clients.

One of the most important aspects we pay attention to is cutting and sewing. This is mainly because it can make or break the design and structure of the jacket. With this, we ensure to work with qualified professionals with expertise in the field and great specialization. This allows us to offer amazing results after manufacturing is done.

With the custom-made option, most clients will come with incredible unique designs that they’d like to mass-produce. However, before mass production, we take it upon ourselves to offer a free sampling product. This helps give a clear presentation of their design and how it would look and feel in real life. 

We believe in being expedient and working with the right schedule according to our client’s needs. This is why we have qualified logistic systems set up to ensure that we can always deliver the products on time. You can trust in our shipping services and be sure that your products will get to you fast. 

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