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If you are looking for bulk custom down jackets supply, Fangyuan is the one for you.We offer top-quality customization service and a team of highly skilled designers and garment makers that will create the best jackets for you.


As a renowned down jacket manufacturer & wholesaler in China, we are capable of supplying down jackets wholesale, and customize them according to your specification. Down jackets are one of our specialties and we only handpick the best down padding and fabrics materials. Fangyuan promises to use safe and quality down feather as padding, which also have excellent insulating capability. 

What sets us apart from other jacket manufacturers is our profession in creating quality samples. Just send us your design, we will provide the best sampling service free of charge.

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Popular Custom Down Jacket Solutions

Our quilted down jackets are developed using the best manufacturing processes run by qualified and skilled workers. We feature different quilted jacket designs that you should consider checking out.  


You can also customize your own products. By providing a design paper or a sample, you can custom make jackets color, fabric, cutting, button, zipper, stuffing & fill, etc.,

Duck Down Jacket


Our Duck down jackets are designed to ensure warmth and heat through cold weather. We provide quality real duck down as padding, which is made from the feathers of young healthy ducklings. Also, by utilizing synthetic down in our jackets, we ensure that our clients will stay warm no matter how cold the weather. We install these down fabrics in all our jacket applications. 

Goose Down Jacket


Compared to duck down, goose down is usually larger and thicker, making them better at storing heat and keeping away cold wind. Fangyuan chooses clean and healthy goose feathers to make goose down jackets. With our goose down jacket features, you will be able to enjoy the  puffiness and softness of down, and have a customized jacket as well.

Waterproof Down Jacket


Waterproof down jackets are perfect for long treks in the rain, because you will still be able to keep warm and dry despite the rain. Waterproof down jackets are also good at keeping away wind, they could be used for many outdoor activities like hunting, marathons, rafting, or even bike riding.

Duck Down Jacket

Goose Down Jacket

Waterproof Down Jacket

Packable Down Jacket


Fangyuan also makes top-quality packable down jackets. These jackets are specially designed to be highly portable for easy packing applications like traveling. Different from traditional bubble down jackets, Packable down jackets are thinner, lighter and more foldable while still being able to keep you warm.

Packable Down Jacket

Down Vest


While jackets can sometimes be too constraining and heavy, Fangyuan also provides vest jackets design. Down vests are sleeveless down jackets. They offer the warmth of jackets and at the same time provide greater levels of movement. Down Vest are frequently seen in less cold weather.

Down Vest

Custom Down Jacket & Manufacture in Fangyuan

Fangyuan will come through on all your wholesale puffer jacket offers and ensure that you get the best quality and service. 

By choosing Fangyuan you are given the choice to customize the design for your jacket. We offer a wide selection of ultralight jacket designs that will cater to your specific tastes. These jackets are made of quality padding, and could also be added with a button tyoe of your choice.

Duck and goose down feather jackets are the best choices when it comes to making a warm jacket. Fangyuan is devoted to choosing the safest and cleanest down feather, which is considered one of the warmest materials in the industry. We handpick every piece of garment that we use. This ensures that our jackets will always keep wearers warm.

Each one of our jackets are cut and sewn with extreme precision and care. All our garment makers are highly experienced, and are capable of creating very durable and stylish designs. By working with Fangyuan, you will be assured of the best quality jackets possible.

We believe in the skills of our garment makers, which is why we offer free sampling services. Just send us your design, and we will create a sample just for you, and best of all, it is free. With this service, you’ll be able to see what your design looks like in real life.

We know the importance of speed and efficiency when it comes to running a business. Time is of the essence when it comes to deliveries.This is why we prioritize fast and seamless logistics. By having your jacket customized with Fangyuan, we will have your order delivered to you in record time.

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