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At Fangyuan, we offer quality custom lightweight jackets that you can rely on to boost your business and cater to your clients. We pride ourselves on being a trusted lightweight jacket manufacturer in China and around the world.


We work with a skilled workforce of more than 450 individuals who are tasked with different responsibilities. This allows us to always offer quality services and products to every client we work with. You can trust that we will work to ensure that you get the best with your lightweight jacket orders.


We feature custom-made options with different OEM services that make us stand out. As a business, you can trust that we will work to further your business goals and deliver products in tune with your brand and fashion style.


Our custom options extend to the type of material used, color on the jacket, and other additional details you may want to include. We ensure that we take your specific instructions into mind when developing the different jackets to ensure they appeal to you and your customers. Our lightweight jackets are a great investment given that they are designed and developed by the best in the market. 

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Popular Lightweight Jacket Design

Lightweight jackets come in different designs that you can consider investing in. As a company offering custom options, we work to ensure that we offer the best designs to all our clients. Some of the most popular lightweight jacket designs in the market include:


Lightweight waterproof jacket

Lightweight waterproof jackets are well embraced in the market given that they offer great convenience to their users. They feature the ability to shield you from the rain without being too heavy and bulky. They are made using material that is waterproof with a blend of breathable material to give you the best experience. We work to ensure that our waterproof lightweight jackets are well designed to meet your needs.

Lightweight hooded jacket

A hooded jacket is always a great addition to anyone’s closet which is why such jackets also perform well in the market. Lightweight hooded jackets are made of 100% polyamide that makes the shell quite light. We work to ensure that we provide quality options that are durable and highly appreciated by customers. 


Packable Jacket

The convenience of packable jackets is highly appreciated by different people in the market. Being able to roll or fold up the jacket and store it within one of the pockets is a great advantage. It frees up a lot of space in storage seeing as it is more compact and you can easily move around with it. We feature the ability to create such amazing jackets that will be well received by your customers. 

Lightweight Fleece Jacket

A lightweight fleece jacket offers the convenience of cruising in a breathable jacket that can be worn in any weather. The only trick is to layer it up when you want to walk outside in the rain. We offer the perfect fleece jackets that you should consider investing in for your business. They come in handy and are designed to offer quality service to the users. 


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Why Choose Fangyuan

When it comes to wholesale lightweight jackets, you can always trust Fangyuan to deliver quality and functional pieces. Our dedicated staff members work to ensure that all the jackets produced meet the set standards. Here are the reasons why Fangyuan is your perfect partner in manufacturing lightweight jackets.

We work with fabric suppliers who are certified and trusted in the quality of products they stock. We ensure to always invest in high-quality fabric to facilitate the durability of all our jackets. You can be sure that your jackets will be made with the best fabric in the market to achieve your desired results. 

Cutting and sewing are done by the best in the business to ensure that all the jackets are consistent and of high quality. Our highly skilled professionals dedicate themselves to ensuring that their work is of the right standards. The sewing is done to achieve even and consistent lines perfect for lightweight jackets. 

With custom options, our clients get to enjoy our free sampling perks to help them see the real-life presentation of their designs. We do this to ensure that once mass production commences you are fully satisfied with what you are investing in. 

We have developed quality shipping and logistics systems that allow us to ensure that all our clients get their orders on time. You can trust that once you order with us, you’ll get your jackets on time and in perfect condition. 

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