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Parka jackets are long jackets that come in handy especially in the cold season. They have become quite popular over the years. At Fangyuan, we offer custom parka jackets made with the highest standards in the market. Our company boasts years of experience in the manufacture of these jackets ensuring that they meet our client’s expectations.


We feature a qualified staff with different expertise that work together in the production process. You can trust that your wholesale parka jackets will be designed and developed by the best in the business. Our teams’ expertise has allowed us to position ourselves as a reliable and leading parka jacket manufacturer in China and around the world.

We work with various clients who are always satisfied with our products and services. We service different orders including custom-made mainly because of our OEM services. You can easily let us know the specifications you want to work with and we’ll deliver on your expectations. We’ll offer quality products from the word go to boost your business and ensure that your customers enjoy your products for a long time.

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Popular Parka Jacket Design

With the rise in popularity of parka jackets, different designs have come up that make the jacket unique. Some of the best designs featured include:


Waterproof parka

Parka jackets are preferred especially in the winter and rainy seasons where they offer the best service. The jackets are designed to feature the use of waterproof material with great insulation materials on the inside to keep you warm. Our company features waterproof parka jackets designed to cater to your needs. We work with materials with high-quality standards to ensure that our jackets are durable and efficient in keeping the water out while keeping you warm.

Fur parka

Fur parka jackets are designed to offer additional warmth and comfort when worn. This makes them a perfect jacket choice during the winter season and is also very fashionable. The jacket is a great fashion statement that is well recognized in the fashion industry. We’ll create the perfect fur parka jackets ensuring that they feature soft fur that is warm and pleasant to your skin.


Hooded parka

We feature hooded parka jackets that are designed by the best in the business to offer great service to their users. The hood on these jackets comes in handy during the winter season to shield you from the cold. They feature insulating materials that are meant to keep you warm at all times.

Fishtail Parka

The fishtail parka jacket is a bit lighter and comes with a long tail at the back with some drawstrings. This is a design that is embraced by a lot of the people who love wearing parka jackets. They are extra long and a great flair to your fashion sense. We‘ll work with you to produce quality fishtail parka jackets for your business.


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Why Choose Fangyuan

Fangyuan is the go-to manufacturing company when it comes to parka jackets wholesale. If you’re wondering why you should work with us over other companies, here are a few of the perks we offer.

We value our production processes and systems and work to always feature the best fabric in all our productions. We feature a well-established supply chain of fabric suppliers who are highly respected in the market. You can be sure that all our fabric choices are geared toward providing quality.

Our fabric suppliers work to provide quality cotton that we use to make all our jackets fluffy and soft. You can be sure that your jackets will feature high-grade cotton choices gotten from the best in the market. 

Our professional staff work to ensure that all the cuts and sewing that is done are consistent at all times. This helps us fulfill the exact designs you want for your parka jackets. You can trust that we’ll offer the best quality each time.

We offer free sampling to give clients a better understanding of the products they are investing in. The presentation of a finished product of your exact design will help you decide on mass production. In case of any tweaks, we’ll consider them when mass-producing.

We value your time and patience in the production process which would normally take about 2 to 4 weeks. This is why we have logistics set up to facilitate fast shipping services wherever you are.

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