Fangyuan Jackets

Fangyuan is one of the leading coat companies in China and around the world. It was established in 2007 and has since grown exponentially to meet the varied needs of our customers. We offer high-quality wholesale jackets with the flexible option of jacket customization. This allows us to cater to your specific needs and provide quality products that meet your desires.


We work closely with you to get a clear understanding of what you’d like to achieve and we can cater to that. As the leading jacket wholesalers, we offer a significantly lower MOQ of 300 pcs. This allows us to cater to all our clients regardless of the capacity you are working with. Reach out to us and let’s get to work on your perfect jackets.


Production Preparation

  • Fabric prepared in storehouse for mass production
    Fabric Procurement

    Located at Zhejiang, one of the largest textile markets in China, allows us to source various fabrics at competitive prices. With a reliable supply chain , we are able to source all fabrics quickly, no matter how complicated your jacket design is.

  • A master is giving craftsmanship instruction
    Craftsmanship Instruction

    Before the mass production of each order, all workers will be trained to have a better understanding of the jobs to be done at every stage, and they will work in line with a clear process flow. In this way, we will minimize the possible defects.

Fabric Preparation

According to our strict quality standard​, the qualified fabrics will be prepared for the next stage after the second inspection.

  • The fabrics are loosing by machine at Fangyuan


    48-Hour Fabric Loosing

    After inspection, the qualified fabric will take 48 hours loosing and steaming process to ensure their stability in production. By cloth loosing treatment, we can eliminate the dimensional deviation caused by the elasticity of the fabric.

  • Our factory conducts automatic fabric cutting with machine


    Automatic Cutting By Machine

    The well prepared fabrics will be cut into preset sizes and shapes by machines automatically, which will improve productivity and precision. By doing so, we can save a lot in labor costing and benefit our clients.

  • A worker is marking the cutting pieces


    Piece By Piece Inspection

    Our worker will recheck all cutting parts to eliminate defects to prepare for the next processing. For example, we can avoid the color difference between the same clothes and mismatch of different parts by labelling each piece of cutting with number mark.

  • Cloth Loosing
  • Fabric Cutting
  • Cutting Inspection

Sewing & Finishing

  • Sewing
  • Seaming
  • Ironing
  • Sewing

    With more than 400 excellent female workers of 20 years' experience, Fangyuan can deliver prefect products of superior workmanship to your customers. Due to their knowledge on the characteristics of various fabrics and the skills of different craftsmanship, they can complete all designs perfectly.

    Our experienced workers are busy with sewing
  • Seaming

    In order to make an outerwear garment windproof, we not only need wind resistance fabrics, but also rely on taped seams. Through the hot printing process, a waterproof taping will be carefully and firmly placed over a stitched seam to make a taped seam.

    A woman is seaming parts together to make a jacket
  • Ironing

    A piece of neat clothes without wrinkles will leave a good impression on potential customers. Moreover, it can better present your unique design and superior texture, creating a sense of fashion.Using blowing machine, we can clear all line heads; using steam iron bed, we can smooth every parts of the clothes.

    A woman is ironing the finished jackets

Packaging & Shipping

At Fangyuan, we will take care of all details to get your order ready for sale at store.

  • Workers are hanging logo tags to custom jackets
    Hanging Your Logo Tag

    For brand owner, we will help them to OEM their logo tag and label it to each piece of jacket before shipment.

  • A woman is packing the finished jacket into a poly bag
    Carton Box Packaging

    We will pack each piece in one poly bag or your OEM package, and dozens pieces will be packed in one carton box.

  • Our professional shipment of dress hanger container
    Dress Hanger Container

    For special fabric and long trench coat which should avoid crease, we will arrange the shipment in dress hanger container.

In Conclusion, Why Choose Fangyuan?

We feature a variety of jacket options that are designed and manufactured in-house. Our jacket wholesale factory comes with incredible tools and equipment that allow us to manufacture the jackets from scratch. Additionally, we also feature incredible craftsmanship that boasts years of experience in the industry. Our expertise allows us to offer you the best custom coats and jackets to meet your needs.

We work with a well-established manufacturing system that allows us to see a project from ideation to results. We ensure that our materials are sourced from the best in the business and prepared adequately for the manufacturing process. To ensure that all the jackets we manufacture are up to standard, we always have to carry out quality checks.

These checks are done from the inspection of materials, the manufacturing process, and lastly on the jackets after production. This has allowed us to stay at the top as one of the best jacket makers dedicated to always providing quality. We pride ourselves on providing excellent service to all our customers.