In the fashion industry and especially the US, many designers and brands big or small need to partner with private label clothing manufacturers to ensure productivity. Several private label clothing companies are becoming competitive since the market demand is growing in the need for quality and customizable products.


Below, we discuss the top ten private label companies in the US for designers and entrepreneurs to know which brands to look out for. Read on.

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1. Fangyuan Jackets

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Fangyuan Jackets is a clothing manufacturing company situated in China.  Since 1992, Fangyuan has been providing top-rated jacket customizing & manufacturing services. Fangyuan has expanded over the years and now boasts its professional employees who work effortlessly around the clock to ensure that they provide the best and most comfortable jackets in no time. 

Their main product is various jackets like bombers, bubble jackets, down coats,  etc, for both men and women.

2. Zega Apparel


If you need customized clothes, then Zega Apparel got you. Since they started their operations seven years ago, Zega Apparel has been offering their clients one of the best clothing lines from onesies, t-shirts, hoodies, jackets, skirts, among others. Some of their services include embroidery, cut & sew, dyeing, printing, fabric processing, and packaging. They cover everything their more than 1000 clients need.

3. Steve Apparel

Steve apparel is an online clothing store that provides its customers with a variety to choose from. The company began its operations in 2004 in Houston, Texas. The owner started the company in a small apartment, eventually quitting his job to put all focus on the business. The business grew ever since and is now among the top private labels clothing manufacturers in the US. The products at Steve Apparel include casual wear, fitness apparel, custom clothes, cut and sew, private labeling, etc.

4. Royal Apparel

Royal Apparel started its operations in the early ’90s in Manhattan, supplying Americans with manufactured clothing for women, men, and kids. They serve their clients through knitting, cutting, sewing, and dyeing. When the enterprise was young, they would go to the South to learn more about what they were offering to improve their craft and service. They supply to various retailers, luxury stores, and national fashion brands.

5. Affix Apparel

Located in Los Angeles, Affix Apparel is an emerging company dealing with manufactured clothing and supplying them to various parts of the US. It is a private label clothing manufacturer whose most clients are both big brands and small businesses. Their products are like jeans, sportswear, t-shirts, hoodies, jackets, etc. The Affix Apparel team is usually ready to take up any opportunity that presents itself.

6. USA Clothing Manufacturers


USA Clothing Manufacturers is a manufacturing company offering US citizens clothing solutions for kids, women, and men. Their main aim is to bring revolution in the fashion industry in the country. They achieve this goal by producing products that have the following elements; durability, quality, value, style, and functionality.

7. Stylus Apparel Group


Stylus Apparel is specialized in manufacturing private label clothing and branding them according to what their customers request. They have experience since they have worked with many cleats over the years and they guarantee you the best products in both design and quality. They offer branding services, as one of their major services. The branding is both printed and woven brands, making them among the most preferred companies offering both clothing solutions plus branding.

8. Apparel Branders

Apparel Branders are a private label clothing manufacturer that deals with both manufacturing and branding. They offer these services to their many clients plus additional services like knitting, cutting & sewing, packaging, dyeing, decorating, and low MOQ. The company has organic manufacturing capabilities and it is seen in its products.

9. Alanic


Alanic is a manufacturing company concerned with various apparel for men, women, and kids in the US. They are among the leading manufacturers, suppliers, and wholesalers in the United States. Their operations are usually in-house because they have all the capabilities in their factory.

10. Argyle House of Apparel


Argyle House is an apparel company that has experience in the design and manufacturing of clothing. The team at Argyle House is highly skilled making the company grow at an alarming rate. Other capabilities include sewing, pattern making, etc.


Private label clothing manufacturers offer various services to fashion houses both big and small brands. The industry has become a necessary addition in the fashion industry and companies like FJ, among the leaders globally, are ensuring their products are top-notch. For more information about our clothing lines, reach out to us.