Goose Down vs Duck Down: All You Need to Know

Goose down vs Duck down is a popular conflict in the minds of the people. As the prices of goose down have mounted in the past few years, primarily in the creation of puffy jackets and sleeping bags. It is important to consider the type to go for based on the needs, requirements, and quality of the downs. 

The quality of the downs relies on its raw materials. This consists of the age, health, and breed of the bird. The quality of the down and its insulation is affected by how colder or longer the life of the bird is. Down is considered as an ideal and best insulating material. It regulates the humidity in a duvet and heat very well. 

In a comparison of the best goose down with the best duck down, goose down is the right choice. Thus, we see that the quality of the down is all about the product’s full capacity. 

In this article, we will discuss: 

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Goose Down vs Duck Down: All You Need to Know 

Thermal insulation provided by down jacket
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There are no significant differences between Goose down and duck down. Both offer pretty good insulation together, maintain warmth and last for years. With adequate care and protection, you can enjoy great regulation of heat and warmth from both types of Downs.

Goose Down and Duck Down : Differences 

Down jacket ideal for winters
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The major differences in the goose down and duck down lies in its ability to fill power. The fill power is the measurement of how puffy a certain amount of down is. The more the puffiness, the greater the insulation of the down.

The key is to find the right type of comforter, puffy jacket, sleeping bag, or blanket from a reputable manufacturer and take adequate steps to take proper care to maintain the coziness and comfort of the down. 

  • Fill Power 
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Fill power refers to the capacity and quality of the insulation of the down. The fill power determines how higher the quality of down would be based on how puffy it gets. Down consists of a tiny core where numerous soft, small filaments (barbules and barbs) emanate. 

The filaments lead to small air pockets and these tiny air pockets are responsible to provide insulation in the down. Among all types of Downs, the one with the highest and largest amount of plump has more filaments, thereby allowing more fill Power. 

Thus, fill power is the most component responsible to control the insulation for the down. This is also the factor that governs the key difference between a duck down or a goose down which makes the goose down generally larger and stronger than the duck down. That’s why a duvet with 100% goose down has more fill power due to the longer life and larger size of the Geese. 

  • Durability
Down jackets ideal for thermal insulation
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There is no major difference between the duck down and the goose down.

The durability of the Goose and duck down depends on the down’s oil content and its fact which is a variable factor. It varies from bird to bird due to some birds inheriting higher levels of fat and oils. 

Goose or duck down is an organic product and differs from season to season. Conditions such as weather, feed, and health of the birth also add to the durability of the down. It is important to maintain a significant oil and fats content to keep down flexible and strong. 

The handling during the processing of down matters too as the over-washing of the down and removal of excess fats and oil can make it brittle and dry. High-quality down products are processed to optimize durability and performance. 

  • Odor
Best insulation in down garments
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Down may have a slight noticeable odor for people with an acute sense of smell, even if the down is in the best hygienic conditions. The main contributors are the. Oil and fat contents of the down. The fats and oils are essential to maintain flexibility and resilience in the down, but they also add to the slightest scent in the down. 

The oils produce scents that may or may not be bearable for people with an acute sense of smell. The scent of the duck down may differ from that of a goose down due to the varied feeding habits and the living surroundings of the birds. 

When you look for a down comforter or a jacket, always look for the products treated with DWR-testing. The testing is considered to reduce the smell to a minimum making it ideal for everyone. 

  • Fill Power Capacity
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Mature birds- Goose and Duck, tend to offer a higher Fill power capacity. Fill power capacity is highly governed by the life cycle of the bird. Birds with a greater life cycle have an enhanced down cluster. The processors tackle the large down clusters, features, and small down clusters to develop a down product with sufficient content and fill power. 

The highest goose-down fill power capacity Is nearly 1000 FP, available at enormous prices and limited quantities. Goose down is used mainly for high-end products due to the duration of life and larger size than the ducks.

The common range of the duck down and the goose down is between 450 and 850 FP. It has been seen that with the developments and improvements in the technology and processes of sorting, the rearrangements, and the development of filtering out any extra fibers and down clusters, high-end duck down has become more accessible and in recent times.

  • Color

The color does not have any effect on the durability, resilience, and performance of the down. Duck and goose are available in two colors: Mottled grey and white. The colors provide a visual difference to the downs. Apart from that, there is no variation in the properties of warmth, durability, resilience, or flexibility of the down. 

In the bedding industry, white-colored down is desired because white bedding is commonly used by Manufacturers and it also tends to hide the appearance of the down. 

How to Choose What if Down Is Correct for You?

Down puffer jackets worn by all
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Make sure to use the correct filling for your products. The distinction can be based on what you are looking for and your personal preferences. Down is used for softness, warmth, and comfort. It is a great insulator, a better thermal regular for heat than the feathers.

Here are some things you can consider to find the best down for your requirements. 

  • Don’t Forget To Plump The Down

Goose and duck down have similar durability that they are almost unlikely to distinguish apart. Down has a natural spring. Make sure to plump the product before use.

This ensures to separate and equally disperse the down adequately and develop more air pockets. The air pockets help to allow equal insulation and disperse the feathers equally throughout.

  • Find The Right Choice Depending On Your Requirements
Down jacket for winters
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Always analyze your requirements before you can find if down is the right choice for you or not. Choose the right type of filling based on what you are looking for and your personal choices. Feathers can be a good choice for anybody looking for a firm bed pillow as they are heavier.

But if you’re looking for something to provide warmth, comfort, and softness that provides thermal insulation, Down is the way to go. It is an ideal choice for duvet covers, blankets, jackets, and sleeping bags.


Woman wearing puffer jacket in winters
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Based on the variables, we see that Goose down and duck down are equally effective and convenient to use. Down is highly dependent on the bird’s life quality, its feed, and the washing and cleaning process in the manufacturing.

As the difference between the two downs is not noticeable, the right way is to approach the manufacturer to make the right choice. You can find numerous possibilities with down in the market. When you choose a comforter or a jacket, always make sure that it is of the best quality. 

It does not matter if it is a duck down or a goose down unless and until it offers you a luxurious experience and cozy feel. You can also find customizable and elegant jackets on Fangyuan catered to your needs available for retailers, wholesalers, and individuals.